Economics of crime research:

Database of crime-related papers published in economics journals

“Leaver” database:

Crowdsourced list of people who have left faculty positions at various universities

Where to present economics of crime research: 

Texas Economics of Crime Workshop

NBER Summer Institute Crime Working Group

2021 program

Workshop on Economics of Risky Behaviors

2019 program


Transatlantic Workshop on the Economics of Crime

University of Chicago and London School of Economics Conference on the Economics of Crime and Justice

Conference on Empirical Legal Studies

American Law and Economics Association annual meeting


Literature reviews in Twitter threads:

Research on gun violence

Research on prisoner re-entry

Research on how public assistance affects recidivism

Research on domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and stalking

Research on immigration and crime

Research on marijuana consumption and markets

Research on witches and witch trials

Research on education and crime

Research on the externalities of incarceration (effects on families and children of those incarcerated)

Research on gender bias in economics

Research on housing insecurity & related policies

Research on how to improve policing (reduce unnecessary arrests, use of force, racial bias, etc.)

Research on mass shootings

Women in Economics

Women on the econ job market, AY 2017-18

Women on the econ job market, AY 2018-19

Women on the econ job market, AY 2019-20

Women on the econ job market, AY 2020-21

Women on the econ job market, AY 2021-22

Women on the econ job market, AY 2022-23

Economics Podcasts 

Probable Causation hosted by Jennifer Doleac

EconTalk hosted by Russ Roberts

Rocking Our Priors hosted by Alice Evans

Economics Detective hosted by Garrett Peterson

Women in Economics hosted by the St. Louis Fed

Econofact Chats hosted by Michael Klein

InequaliTalks hosted by Clementine van Effenterre

The Hidden Curriculum hosted by Alex Hollingsworth and Sebastien Tello-Trillo

Think Like an Economist hosted by Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers

An Economist Goes to College hosted by Beth Akers

The Visible Hand hosted by Jordi Blanes i Vidal

Advice for current and aspiring academic economists (mostly a collection of Twitter threads):

Twitter tips for young researchers — by Joshua Goodman (@JoshuaSGoodman)

A beginner’s guide to #EconTwitter — by Matt Clancy (@mattsclancy)

Finding an RA position before grad school — by Jennifer Doleac (@jenniferdoleac)

Applying to research-focused Econ MA programs — by Gina Pieters (@ProfPieters)

Choosing a Ph.D. program: Public Policy vs. Economics — by Natalie Bau (@BauNatalie)

Thriving in a Ph.D. program — by Alex Eble (@alexeble)

Advice for new Ph.D. students (1) — crowdsourced by Ethan Hutt (@ehutt1)

Advice for new Ph.D. students (2) — crowdsourced by Sue Dynarski (@dynarski)

NSF Graduate Research Fellowships — by Damon Jones (@nomadj1s)

Job market advice (AEA Summer Mentoring Pipeline Conference panel) — live-tweeted by Sarah Jacobson (@SarahJacobsonEc)

Job market advice — by Gaby Cugat (@gmcugat)

Building an academic website — by Kevin Wilson (@khayeswilson)

Job market CVs — by Sarah Jacobson (@SarahJacobsonEc)

ASSA interviews — by April Franco (@aprilmfranco)

Applying for law school jobs — by Megan Stevenson (@MeganTStevenson)

Applying for non-R1 academic jobs — by Nick Huntington-Klein (@nickchk)

Advice for students from programs outside the top 30 — by Gray Kimbrough (@graykimbrough)

Preparing for flyouts — by Valerie Lewis (@valeriealewis)

What to ask for in an academic job negotiation — crowdsourced by Jennifer Doleac (@jenniferdoleac)

The publication process — by Nic Duquette (@NicDuquette)

Writing an academic paper — by David Eil (@economistified)

Writing a job market paper — by Jennifer Doleac (@jenniferdoleac)

Editor’s perspective on writing — by Jeffrey Dorfman (@DorfmanJeffrey)

Commenting on others’ writing — by David Eil (@economistified)

Refereeing a paper — by David Hirshleifer (@4misceldah)

Asking for feedback on your work — by Jeffrey Brown (@IlliniBizDean)

After the 3rd-year review — by Judith Scott-Clayton (@jscottclayton)

Letter-writers for tenure/promotion — by Kasey Buckles (@Kasey_Buckles)

Writing letters for promotion — by Jeffrey Brown (@IlliniBizDean)

Remember that we all fail, a lot — by Douglas Webber (@dougwebberecon)

NSF grant proposals — by Angelino Viceisza (@aviceisza)

Federal Research Data Centers — by Dani Sandler (@dhsandler)

Beamer (presentation) tips and tricks — by Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham (@paulgp)

List of econ conferences with submission deadlines — compiled by Anne Burton (@anne_m_burton)
and Barton Willage (@bartonwillage)

Where to find data — by Sebastian Tello-Trillo (@dsebastiantello)

Professional development resources — collected by CSWEP (@AEACSWEP)

Advice from journalists about doing media interviews — crowdsourced by Jennifer Doleac (@jenniferdoleac)

Small grants for graduate students — by Anne Byrne (@EconAnne)