I am an Associate Professor of Economics at Texas A&M University. I’m also a Research Fellow at IZA, and a Senior Fellow at the Niskanen Center. I study the economics of crime and discrimination.

I am the President of Doleac Initiatives, which encompasses several ventures related to criminal justice research and policy.

Under this umbrella, I am the Director of the Justice Tech Lab and Co-Director of the Criminal Justice Expert Panel. I organize the Texas Economics of Crime Workshop (TxECW), and the Virtual Crime Economics (ViCE) seminar. I also host Probable Causation, a podcast about law, economics, and crime.

You can support my work with a tax-deductible donation to Doleac Initiatives:

Contact information

Email: jdoleac@doleacinitiatives.org

Twitter: @jenniferdoleac

Mailing address: Department of Economics, 4228 TAMU, College Station, TX 77843