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Empirical evidence on the effects of Ban the Box policies: The state of the literature in 2019” — Written testimony submitted to the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, for a hearing on the Fair Chance Act, March 2019.

Jennifer Doleac on Crime” — EconTalk podcast, January 21, 2019.

Research roundup: What does the evidence say about how to fight the opioid epidemic?” — Brookings blog, December 7, 2018.

Gun Regulation Is Costly—and Not the Only Option” — The Regulatory Review, University of Pennsylvania Law School, November 9, 2018.

Study after study shows ex-prisoners would be better off without intense supervision” — Brookings blog, July 2, 2018.

Can employment-focused programs reduce reincarceration rates?” — Econofact, June 29, 2018.

The moral hazard of life-saving innovations: Naloxone access, opioid abuse, and crime” — IZA Newsroom, April 2018.

Using technology to fight sexual harassment in Economics” — CSWEP newsletter (pages 7-8), April 2018.

New evidence that access to health care reduces crime” — Brookings blog, January 3, 2018.

Empirical evidence on the effects of Ban the Box policies” — Written testimony submitted to the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, for the hearing “Oversight of the Bureau of Prisons and Inmate Reentry,” December 2017.

Do police body-worn cameras reduce the use of force?” — Econofact, November 2017.

Do body-worn cameras improve police behavior?” — Brookings blog, October 2017.

The effects of ‘ban the box’ on the employment of black men” (with Amanda Agan) — Econofact, June 2017.

New evidence that lead exposure increases crime” — Brookings blog, June 2017.

Do databases of criminal offenders help reduce crime?” — Medium (premium site, subscription required), May 2017.

Quora Session — Q&A on crime and discrimination — Quora, May 2017.

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Forget ‘ban the box’ and give ex-prisoners employability certificates” — Real Clear Policy, December 2016. Also published by Brookings.

Does ‘Ban the Box’ Help or Hurt Low-Skilled Workers?: Statistical Discrimination and Employment Outcomes when Criminal Histories are Hidden” (with Benjamin Hansen) — Cato Research Briefs on Economic Policy, Number 62, October 2016.

How hiding criminal records hurts black and Hispanic men” (with Benjamin Hansen) — Time, September 2016.

Are criminal risk assessment scores racist?” (with Megan Stevenson) — Brookings blog, August 2016.

DNA databases deter crime, without filling prisons” — Real Clear Markets, August 2016. Also published by Brookings.

To reduce wrongful convictions, reform the bail system” — Inside Sources, June 2016. Also published by Brookings.

The unintended consequences of ‘Ban the Box’” — Real Clear Markets, May 2016. Also published by Brookings.

Gun violence in major U.S. cities is massively underreported” — Brookings blog, April 2016.

Should we pay people not to commit crime?” — Inside Sources, April 2016. Also published by Brookings, the Las Vegas Sun, and the Jacksonville Journal-Courier.

Keep the kids inside? Juvenile curfews and urban gun violence” (with Jillian Carr) — Cato Research Briefs on Economic Policy, Number 47, March 2016.

Want to reduce incarceration rates? Try targeted surveillance” — Real Clear Markets, March 2016. Also published by Brookings.

To reduce gun violence, empower citizens to make their communities safer” — Inside Sources, February 2016. Also published by Brookings.

Repealing juvenile curfew laws could make cities much safer” — Real Clear Markets, December 2015. Also published by Brookings.

Can technology fix the criminal justice system?” — Brookings blog, December 2015.

Fighting crime with Daylight Saving Time“(with Nicholas Sanders) — Brookings blog, October 2015.

The case for expanding the DNA database” — Richmond Times-Dispatch, February 2015.

Race has a hand in determining market outcomes” (with Luke Stein) — VoxEU, June 2010.